At the age of one month: There are many ways we help our children to grow properly and learn things quickly to make the child smarter, especially the first year every month help him to learn something suitable for Umrah and Aleki these methods month by month. At the age of one month: spend more time with your child closely as your child sees the best things about 8-15 inches away and with the development of his eyes will love to look at the faces. When your child is not sleeping keep your face close to him.

At the age of two months: Help the development and growth of your child’s eyes and hands by clapping hands with singing and over time will try to imitate your voice and your movements and this will help him to coordinate the movement of his hand and eyes with speech and later can mimic your expressions. So keep your proximity to it with the movement of your tongue and lips with the smile and within months will be able to imitate you.

At the age of three months: Your child will start playing with his hand and waving things. He will coordinate the movement of his hand with his eyes by bringing his toys closer to him to hold her in front of a safe mirror to encourage him to raise his head higher to try to see his face.
At the age of four months: At this time your child’s language, motor and social skills thrive and you will notice the features of happiness and joy when he sees things and games bright colors and leave him angry and cry if you keep a bite and your child will start tickling during this month.

At the age of five months: In this month the development of eyes and ears fully complete like you and starts chattering and my words with talking and repeating sentences to help him to communicate with the external environment and read children’s books with reference to pictures of things and naming.

At the age of six months: your child will begin to learn to sit and turn to see things, put games close to him and encourage access to it and try to follow all the things that can harm him.

Seven months: Your child’s manual skills grow and help him to develop more and more harmoniously by bringing together smaller, safe things to catch him by sitting in the garden to catch the grass.

At the age of eight months: it is time to encourage your child to develop his skills and use his words and feeling more than around him, for example, help him to install pieces of cubes and naming objects with reference to them.

At the age of nine months: start to dazzle with the animation and how it works and movement of the door when it closes and opens.

At the age of ten months: your child will love to search for the hidden things will help him by hiding the game to try to get out with your help and with time will depend on itself.

At the age of the eleventh month: Tory language skills more singing and using the games that sing and communicate with your mind and the words and words of what you do and ask questions and leave it watching and communicating.

At the age of 12:  your child may start talking and crawling before children of the same age or delay. Rarely, differences in growth among children indicate problems. If you are concerned about this, consult a pediatrician and often be normal. Do not worry.

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