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We insist and work hard to deliver your medicine Fastly

24 Hours 7 Days On Your Service

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We always strive to be trusted for the customer and rely on us to provide medicines and pharmaceutical services to him and his family by focusing and auditing in all what we offer to the customer.


We believe that there must be credibility in the medical advice and services we provide to the patient where the prescription is provided or provide the appropriate alternative, which does not affect the health of the client.

The Speed

We understand very well how important it is that the service be quick and arrive at the patient as soon as possible. We are keen to contribute to the provision of treatment services to everyone in any place and as soon as possible.


We care about the details because the provision of therapeutic services, pharmaceutical consultations and healthy advice to customers is safe in our necks. The team always develops knowledge to keep abreast of developments in the world of medicine.

Measuring Blood Pressure & Diabetes

In order to provide better health services to our clients, we provide Blood Pressure and Diabetes monitoring services to home through the qualified pharmacy team.

Giving Injections at Home

We understand very well the difficulty of moving some patients and their need to take injections at home so we provide a team that is ready to provide this assistance to all our customers. All staff are fully qualified.

Visa & Master Card

To facilitate our purchase and understanding that treatment services are emergency times. So you can pay by Visa and Master Card from home. Each delivery team has a portable Visa machine.

Home Delivery

The home delivery team is fully prepared to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of them are fully aware of the specificity of time in therapeutic services.

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Services We Provide

Quick Measurements

Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Weight, and many other services

Medical Consultation

Our qualified scientific team provides you with reliable medical advice whenever you need it

Men’s Care Products

A range of aromatic and shaving products has been carefully selected to suit all occasions

Child Care Products

We always care about the family so we provide the best products for children’s care

Beauty & Fitness Products

All about women’s beauty and gracefulness of the best international products

Pharmaceutical products

We provide all the therapeutic requirements of medicines and therapeutic supplies